Route Planning and Mapping

Watch how to plan a cycle route:

(You may notice the Beeline app looks a bit different here. We’ve done some serious work on our Route Planner! The process is very similar, but read on for some helpful tips on how to use the new features and improvements to build the ideal route even more easily and quickly☺️)


Cycle route planning:


When you plan a Beeline route, your route will be plotted from your current location to the destination that you set, you can change the start location at any point by tapping on it. You can adjust these to tailor your route to one that suits you best.


Enter your destination by either tapping the location on the map or using the search function in the ‘Where to?’ at the bottom of the screen. 


If it is a simple A to B type of day, that is it! From here you can choose to ride the route given, or blaze your own path with light guidance by choosing the Compass option. 


For the longer days, you can also add stops along the way if there are any specific places that you would like to pass through on your ride. These are called waypoints. 


First of all, what is a waypoint?


A waypoint is just a way of segmenting a journey. Once your destination is set you can tap anywhere on the selected (blue) route line to drop a pin, or open the new, expanded view in the bottom right corner to add as many points along the way as you fancy! You can then click and hold the pin to drag it to anywhere you like on the map if adjustments are needed. 



When to set a waypoint?


If you would like to go to Battersea Park via Fulham Palace, enter Battersea Park first, then drop a pin on the blue route and drag it to Fulham PalaceAlternatively, you can now open the expanded view to simply search for Fulham Palace and enter it by adding it as a stop. 


No need to stop there, though! You can use the expanded view to simply add as many points as fit and rearrange the order on more complex journeys as well. Just tap and hold the point you’d like to reorder and slide it into its new place ☺️ 


In Route Mode, you will be given turn by turn directions via your set waypoints, and in Compass Mode, the arrow will point towards the next waypoint, either until you get to that location or choose to skip it. The ride is yours.


Happy Beelining! 

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