Route Mode vs. Compass Mode

You have two options for riding with your Beeline: Route Mode and Compass Mode. Read on to find out more about each one!


Route Mode:

For the times when you just want to get from A to B.

Route Mode will guide you along your route turn-by-turn. Route Mode is now the default navigator, so all you need to do is to choose your destination, and drop and drag a waypoint(s) to tailor your route. 

Route Mode (worldwide):

Rule of thumb: if you can go there, you can Beeline there. Just pop in your destination and your waypoints and off you go. Beeline works worldwide except mainland China where we cannot guarantee functionality, owing to local regulation (we haven't tested it in North Korea).

When you are using Route Mode in the bicycle activity type, Beeline uses Beeline Smart Routing to utilise user feedback to provide better route options to cyclists. Users within these regions will receive up to 3 routes: Fast, Balanced, and Quiet. Motorcyclists will receive custom Beeline Fast and Fun routing where in the Smart Routing regions. 

To read more about Beeline Smart Routing and the regions we currently provide routing to, please see our blog on the routing here and FAQ on coverage, here.


If your country isn't on the list, don't panic! Our mapping provider is adding new countries all the time. For now, you can still use Compass Mode or we would recommend importing a GPX file if you would like to follow a particular route with your Beeline. 

For when you go off your route, you have two options: you can either follow the arrow that will point you back to your planned route, or you can tap the (top) button to re-route your journey.

Example of a black Beeline Velo rerouting


Compass mode:

Compass Mode allows you to create your own route, as Beeline points you toward your final destination. Imagine a compass that knows where you want to go and points there instead of north.

If there is anywhere you would particularly like to pass through on your ride, you may want to set some waypoints. You can set these by tapping on the grey line route and dragging the orange marker. 

At that point, just select the Compass option to the right of the Route Mode options to ride in Compass Mode: 

If you've set waypoints on your ride, your Beeline will automatically jump to the next waypoint when you pass within 100 metres of the previous one. If you want to manually skip waypoints, all you need to do is tap the top button on the arrow screen to jump to the next one, and tap the bottom button to go back to the previous one. You can also skip waypoints on the app by pressing the left and right buttons above the arrow.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can end your ride by tapping the top button. If you would like to end your ride before you reach your destination, no problem! Simply press and hold the top button


What the Beeline Velo looks like on a map whilst in Compass Mode

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