The difference between Beeline Velo and Beeline Moto

Back in 2017, we released the Beeline Velo to cyclists everywhere. We came back in 2019 with the Beeline Moto; a device that we have adapted specifically for motorcycle and scooter riders. There are a few key differences between the Beeline Moto and the Beeline Velo:


  • The Beeline Moto has physical buttons, as opposed to capacitive touch buttons on the Beeline Velo. These make the Beeline Moto better suited to using on a motorcycle when wearing gloves

  • The mounts available for Moto are better suited to motorcycles and offer more vibration damping that the cycling product strap. The quarter turn quick release mechanism is also more convenient for taking on and off the bike when you park up

  • The Moto is fully waterproof and dust proof (IP67 rated), whilst the cycling product is water resistant (IP66)

  • Beeline Moto offers navigation routes specifically for motorcycles, including indicators on the device for roundabouts, forks in the road and motorway lanes.

  • Beeline Moto has a faster processor, which provides smoother graphics performance and allows it to support current and future features developed specifically for using on motorcycles and scooters
  • Beeline Moto is available in either plastic or metal editions


If you are a cyclist, you will be able to use the Moto to give you cycling directions; this option can be selected within the app. If you are a motorcyclist the Beeline Moto is the one for you!

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